Aaryon Williams Member

Aaryon Williams, the artist-­in-­residence, brings over 10 years of professional experience as a passionate and versatile artist. Originally from Gary, Indiana, Aaryon relocated to Omaha in 2004. Using basketball as a guide, he attended college as an Art Management major with an interdisciplinary focus on Studio Art. After college, Aaryon was offered his first contract for an international professional basketball league in Iceland. He went on to play with leagues in Mexico, Denmark, and Peru. Global adventures have allowed him to gain greater appreciation for natural detailing and discovering the complexity of fundamental art techniques when capturing realism. Today Aaryon lives in Omaha where he founded FLIYE Arts Company and

Productions which focuses on his personal art brand as well as rising artists striving to develop their skills. With his father in mind, Aaryon was able to learn to never lose hope in the value of creativity. He knew that circumstances would always improve if he remained true to himself; to the trade; and to the craft of artistry.

“If you can create art, you can survive.” Aaryon’s father.